Eriacta ®

Eriacta is considered the most helpful and safest available drug for impotence problems in men. If you are suffering from any kind of erection problems, Eriacta is the best option you have. One tablet of Eriacta a day can enormously change your sexual life from boring to an exciting experience.

Uses of Eriacta
Eriacta is the most prescribed impotency drugs by doctors because it is fast acting. There is a direct relationship between erection and blood flow and when there is a strong flow of blood in the penile area, the penis will be filled with blood and will have a nice erection. Eriacta works as a muscle relaxant. The more relax the muscles, the wider the blood vessels and this will accommodate more blood to flow into the penis.

How to take Eriacta
Normally, the doctor will only prescribe one Eriacta tablet for a day for adult men. On the other hand, half tablet is commonly prescribed for elderly men. You should take the tablet one hour before the sexual intercourse. It will start to take effect for about fifteen to thirty minutes, once it takes effect you can experience the pleasurable effects of Eriacta for as long as four hours.
When taking the drug, bear in mind not to overdose because it will not potentiate the effects of the drug and will only do farther injury. You should have an allowance of twenty-four hours before you take another pill of Eriacta once you have taken the first dose.

More Facts
Do not self medicate and use Eriacta without consulting a doctor, as the doctor is the only right person who can decide on the correct dosage and precise Eriacta for you. When the doctor asks you about your erectile dysfunction, be honest and do not hide any information from the doctor. Tell your doctor all about your general health status and any pre-existing medical conditions. He should also have information concerning the allergies you might have.

Let the doctor know if you have any problems or diseases of the heart, blood, liver, or kidney. He should also know if you are experiencing painful or prolonged erections, which last for more than four hours. Also, tell the doctor if you have any stomach ulcers or Peyronie’s disease. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, the doctor may not give you a prescription of Eriacta and will talk to you about alternative solutions regarding your erectile dysfunction or he may adjust the Eriacta dosage for you.


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